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 test, neural_net
 test_data, neural_net
 train, neural_net
 train_epoch, neural_net
 train_on_data, neural_net
 train_on_file, neural_net
 training_data, training_data
~training_data, training_data
fann_type * test(fann_type *input,
fann_type *desired_output)
Test with a set of inputs, and a set of desired outputs.
float test_data(const training_data &data)
Test a set of training data and calculates the MSE for the training data.
void train(fann_type *input,
fann_type *desired_output)
Train one iteration with a set of inputs, and a set of desired outputs.
float train_epoch(const training_data &data)
Train one epoch with a set of training data.
void train_on_data(const training_data &data,
unsigned int max_epochs,
unsigned int epochs_between_reports,
float desired_error)
Trains on an entire dataset, for a period of time.
void train_on_file(const std::string &filename,
unsigned int max_epochs,
unsigned int epochs_between_reports,
float desired_error)
Does the same as train_on_data, but reads the training data directly from a file.
training_data() : train_data(NULL)
Default constructor creates an empty neural net.
#ifdef USE_VIRTUAL_DESTRUCTOR virtual #endif ~training_data()
Provides automatic cleanup of data.